A Community Tournament is a Tournament created by a community member.

Great Big War Game Tournament tipical rulesEdit

  1. Everyone plays everyone once. Check the Game numbers of the tournament. Every game has an exclusive number. Please use it when you mention anything about your game in a tournament.
  2. The lower ranked player (between the two players) will select the map only from the map pool, the other player will select going P1 or P2.
  3. The higher ranked player gets 1 day to decide on P1 or P2 once the lower ranked player tells the higher ranked player his or her map choice.
  4. Once the higher ranked player decides on P1 or P2, the game starts at once. Normal rules apply for turning.
  5. Please post on the Forums when the lower ranked player decides on the map & lower ranked player decides on P1 or P2. Please mention your Game number for all references to your game.
  6. Maps can be selected only from the tournament's pool.
  7. Once a map is selected by a player it gets cancelled from the pool for him or her.
  8. The last game will be between ranks (1) & (2). Should be started only after all other games are underway.
  9. The winner gets 3 Points and the loser gets 1 Point. In a draw, both players gets 2 pts. Draw is decided when both players agree to it.
  10. If in the end the top 2 players are tied in points, a tie breaker game will be held. Only from the remaining maps in the pool for him or her.
  11. If for any reason a player quits the tournament, all his or her remaining opponents will get a Win for those games. The quitting player will get a loss for all remaining games.
  12. Taking screenshots of your every move isn't mandatory but would be great for the other players. These screenshots can only be posted after the end of the game.
  13. Final arbitrary will be the creator of the tournament in any disputes.

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