Flame Tank Damage: 200% damage to Scout, Grunt, Bazooka, Engineer, Grenadier, Sniper, Technician, Medic, Jeep & Supply Truck 100% damage to Commando 30% damage to Tank Killer 20% damage to Anti Air(vehicle), Recon Tank, Artillery, MLRS, Flame Tank 15% damage to Battle Tank 10% damage to Behemoth, Turret, AA Turret

2000+% damage from Behemoth (1 hit kill while at 5% health, I haven't tested lower healths) 200% damage from Tank Killer 100% damage from MLRS 90% damage from Battle Tank 75% damage from Recon Tank 60% damage from Bazooka 50% damage from Grenadier & Turret 30 % damage from Commando 25% damage from Grunt 20% damage from Artillery & Flame Tank 5% damage from Sniper

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