1. Great Big War Game, yes... Great Big War Game!
  2. Great Big War Game, yes... Great Big War Game!
  3. The General is back in Great Big War Game.
  4. With new Units, more missions, and all new Maps!
  5. And real Talking Characters, and the Fog of War...
  6. Yet there is still more!
  7. Flame Tank, Medic, Tank Killer, and even more Units!
  8. Now with Online Multiplayer, chat, play with your friends, and a ranking system!
  9. Play across Platforms, and play a turn anytime you want!
  10. Great Big War Game is So Great... You have more Air Units... And New Technician Units!
  11. But you now must destroy the enemy's HQ to win... Before your HQ gets destroyed!
  12. Scouts, Splash Damage, Hail Mary this game has got it all!
  13. Buy it now!!!!

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