Great Big War Game (or GBWG) is a turn-based strategy game. Broadly speaking, you take your turn by moving troops about and fighting with the enemy.

When you can do no more, you manually end your turn and then the opponent gets to do the same thing back at you.

The game continues in this way, back and forth, until there's a winner.

Moving UnitsEdit


Start by tapping on a Unit to select it. Green circles will appear around it, displaying where it can move to.

Tap one of these circles to move the Unit to that location.

As Units move they become tired for the turn, reducing the number of circles that appear.


With a Unit selected, any enemies that are in range will be highlighted.

The amount of damage you will inflict will flash red.

If a skull appears over the health bar, the enemy Unit will be killed.

Action IndicatorsEdit

When a Unit is not selected, you may see orange and green circles around the base of all your Units.

The orange circles indicate that the Unit can still attack this turn.

Green circles indicate that they still can move at least one space.

Earning CoinsEdit

Every time you begin a new turn, you will earn Coins if you own Oil Derricks.

Each Derrick will reward you with 50 Coins. Try to capture as many as you can to gain an advantage over the enemy.


Larger Buildings, the ones on triangular bases are one of two things, a HQ or a Shop Building.

Shop Buildings are where you use Coins to purchase Units.

When captured by you, tap any of these Buildings to enter a window where you can purchase Units. The purchased Unit will spawn on the blue Repair Pad next to the building.

The four Shop Buildings are:

  1. Barracks where you can spawn Infantry Units.
  2. Factory where you can spawn Vehicle Units.
  3. Ship Yard where you can spawn Sea Units.
  4. Airbase where you can spawn Air Units.

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