The Great Big War Game Series Wiki is a wiki about the Great Rubicon War Game Series. The wiki's goal is to make a user-maintained knowledge repository about the Great Big War Game Series with a neutral point of view.

The topic of this wikiEdit

[edit] This wiki is dedicated to the Great Rubicon War Game Series created by the United Kingdom game developer Rubicon Development. The series consists of the games named Great Little War Game, Great Big War Game, and Great Little War Game 2. All three games are known to be good games and are compared to other great games such as Advance Wars.

All three games are modern military themed turn-based strategy games where players take turns moving their troops (called Units) around the grid-based battlefield, as they attack enemies with Land, Sea, and Air Units, with the objective of capturing of destroying the opponent's Headquarters. The games include a Campaign mode with 50 (GBWG and GLWG 2) or up to 55 (GLWG) missions with 50 hours of gameplay in single player. All three games also include a Pass and Play mode where you can take your turn, press the "end turn" button, then give the device to another player, and a Skirmish mode to play against the AI on a specialized map.

Great Big War Game also has an online mode where you can take your turn, upload it, wait for the opponent to do his or her turn, and you pick up and see how he took his turn, then repeat until there is a winner.



When this wiki was created on November 14, 2012, the wiki was called "Rubicon Development Wiki". Like all new wikis, the Rubicon Development Wiki was maintained almost entirely by the creator of the wiki.


For a while, the owner added stub pages so that search engines would notice the wiki, and people would find it and contribute to the wiki.

Somewhere along the way, the wiki was renamed to "Great Big War Game Series Wiki" as the topic of the wiki actually reflected the Great Big War Game series, not all of the games made by Rubicon Development.


A normal wiki would have already reached the point that the community was established and was able to maintain itself (possibly without the help of the wiki owner.) However, for this wiki, the community has still not been established and is waiting to take off.

As of today this wiki has 248 articles and 246 pictures and videos.

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