GLWG trading card lighttank

Recon Tank Trading Card

Recon Tanks can move far in one day, but do basic damage to Vehicle Units, and little damage to Infantry Units..


They have 6 Ammo, and can shoot from 1-3 spaces away.

Upgrade SeriesEdit

Recon Tank BattlePoint Battle Point Unit Upgrades for Recon Tank [edit]
Attack +10% Defence +10% Attack +10% Attack +20%
Cost: 4 BattlePoint Cost: 4 BattlePoint (Sub: 8 BattlePoint) Cost: 6 BattlePoint (Sub: 14 BattlePoint) Cost: 6 BattlePoint (Total: 20 BattlePoint)


Unit Navigation
Infantry units: Bazooka, Commando, Engineer*, General*, Grenadier, Grunt, Medic** (Map Pack Two), Scout**, Sniper, Technician* **
Vehicle units: Anti-Air Tank, Artillery, Battle Tank, Behemoth, Flame Tank** (Map Pack One), Jeep*, MLRS, Recon Tank, Supply Truck, Tank Killer**
Sea units: Aegis, Cruiser, Destroyer, Ferry*, Fleet Oiler**, Scout Boat* **
Air units: Bomber, Chopper**, Fighter, Sky Hook
Technician units* **: Air Turret, Land Mine, Pounder, Sentry Gun
*Units that have no upgrade series   **GBWG only

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