Tactual Carnage

Day OneEdit

  1. Move the Engineer inside the Jeep, then move the Jeep to the direction of the flare as far as you can.
  2. Now move the Engineer out of the Jeep and next to the Barracks. Then tap the Engineer and tap the Barracks to partly capture it.

Day TwoEdit

  1. Now tap the Engineer and tap the Barracks to capture it and gain control of it.
  2. You are now able to spawn a Scout, a Grunt, a Bazooka, an Engineer, and a Sniper. Spawn a Grunt from the Barracks by tapping it.
  3. Move the Grunt to the flare. A Scout and an Engineer will spawn. Now move the Scout to the Crate, and the Grunt closer to the Enemy's base.
  4. Spawn a Bazooka Unit now.
  5. Move the Bazooka closer to the Battle Point Crate, and the Engineer to the enemy's Oil Derrick and Capture it.

Day ThreeEdit

  1. Move the Bazooka to the Recon Tank and destroy it.
  2. Move the Scout to the higher ledge nearby. Spawn an Engineer and move it and the Grunt closer to the Enemy's Barracks, but not on the blue pad. Shoot the Barracks.

Day FourEdit

  1. Move the Bazooka near the Battle Point Crate. Move the Engineer to the Enemy's Barracks and capture it.
  2. Spawn another Grunt and move it to the Barracks.

Day FiveEdit

  1. Capture the Barracks, and move the Bazooka to the BP Crate.
  2. Spawn a Grunt from the newly captured Barracks and kill the General.
GBWG Walkthrough [Edit]
Flip Flop Camp, Tactical Carnage, Offensive Defence,

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